Jamalife Helpers Global - South Africa - Nigeria - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs 1

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How much does it cost to Join JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL?

$5 per account and or N2000 or R100

Can I register more than 1 account?

Yes, you can, but you are enjoined to maintain the number of accounts that you can conveniently manage, as dormant accounts can ultimately reduce your potential success.

How many do I need to sponsor before I can earn?

You earn on the registration of your first downline.

How many People am I expected to bring to bring into my network under me?

You are expected to bring a minimum of two people directly with your username.

Are multiple accounts allowed?


What of in a situation where I register more than 2 people?

2 people will be placed directly under you and the rest will spill over to your downliners who have not sponsored anybody under them, thereby helping your organization to grow faster.

Do I need to circle out or fill all the matrix before I get paid?

No, you are paid instantly on any down line that joins you on any stage.

How do I withdraw my earnings (MONEY) and my non-cash incentive like Smart Phone, Tablets & Cars?

  • From your E-wallet
  • Through your bank: you can make withdrawal directly into your local bank account through Admin

Is there a monthly or yearly membership subscription?

No, you only make a one-time payment of $5 in order to enjoy all the benefits promised by JAMALIFE HELPERS.

When do I get my awards?

Awards are given after your qualification. You qualify after the completion of the particular stage that has the award.

Is it possible for my down line to break away from me?

  • No, here, there is no break away.
  • Your down line follows you all through your life time in this business.
  • However, an active down line can overtake a lazy upline.

How do I make contribution and get my benefits?

  • You pay your partnership contribution using E-Wallet, bank, cash or payment gateway as may be applicable from time to time.
  • You receive your benefits through E-Wallet or with your local bank account.
  • Your local bank account is credited monthly for withdrawals. Cut-off date is 4 working days before date of payment.
  • Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is US$10 and 5% charges are deducted.

How do I get e-wallet for registration?

You get e-wallet through the company directly or through leaders appointed to carry out such function.

Can I change my Account Details after registration?

No, you cannot.

Do you accept on line payment platforms?

Yes, through the payment gateway as may be communicated from time to time.

Can I use my cash benefits to register other partners?

Yes. You can collect cash from your intending down lines and transfer from your e-wallet for the purpose of registration.

How many months/years would it take me to complete all the stages?

It depends on individual abilities and capabilities.

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